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Duplicate key

This refers to a key made by merely tracing another key. This is a common service offered by locksmiths. Also, some home-improvement, hardware, and other shops sometimes provide this service. However, you are certain to have far better results having your keys duplicated by a professional locksmith. An improperly made key can cause all sorts of nightmarish problems!

Exit alarm

This is an item commonly used by businesses such as retail stores and restaurants. It allows emergency exit in case of fire, but prevents customers (and employees) from exiting the building except through designated doors during other times. Look around. Wherever you see “Emergency exit only. Alarm will sound” you have encountered an exit alarm. This is used in situations where locking a door would violate fire code, but leaving it unsecured would breach security. Exit alarm products are available either with or without locking devices included. See also panic device.


There is no such thing! See Fire-Resistive below.


This is a feature that many (but not all) safes have. Levels of fire-resistive are measured and rated, either by the manufacturer of the product or by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL). A typical plastic lockbox sold by discount stores has a ½ hour, 350 degree label. This provides very little protection for papers. Some lockboxes and safes have no fire resistance at all! Good quality fire-resistive safes are available with 1 hour, 350 degree labels and even more. This is the minimum recommended level of protection for documents. The important thing here is to be an informed consumer. Don’t buy a $15 tin box and assume that your documents are safe! Read the exact label on the product you are considering. If it doesn’t have a rating, it isn’t fire-resistive! Protecting plastic media such as computer disks and photographs is a whole different matter! They are ruined long before the temperature reaches 350 degrees. A professional locksmith can educate you and help you select the right product to protect your cherished documents!

Fit (a key)

This is a generic term that refers to making a key for a lock by any means other than duplicating. This procedure becomes necessary after all keys to a lock have been lost. Some methods include making keys by code, disassembling the lock to fashion a key, progressioning and impressioning.