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Bit key

This is the typical type of key used on antique or antique-style door locks, especially interior doors on older homes. It is distinguished from barrel key by the protruding post on the end of the key. Together, bit and barrel keys are sometimes called “skeleton keys.” It is not true that all such keys are interchangeable. Some locks that use bit keys are quite complex; the key must be cut precisely in order to operate it.

Bored Lock

see Cylindrical Lock, below


(with a long O sound) This is the technical term for the handle part of all keys.


There is no such thing! See Burglar-resistive.


This refers to a feature offered by some, but not all, safes and lockboxes. Standards for Burglar-resistive ratings are established by the insurance industry and by safe manufactures themselves. Just because a box has a lock on it doesn’t mean that it will protect your valuables. A professional locksmith can educate you and help you select a product that will protect your property adequately.