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This term can refer to an entire lockset or to one lock component. A deadbolt is a locking device that, once fully extended, cannot be retracted except by operating the locking device (usually a key cylinder or thumb-turn knob). It cannot be “jimmied,” “shimmed” or pushed back.


This is a lock component that can be part of any locking device that latches as the door closes. In addition to the primary triangular piece that catches the door frame, it has an extra component that prevents “shimming” the latch open with a credit card or pocket knife once it is closed. If door and frame alignment are incorrect or the lock is not installed properly, the lock does not have this added security feature. This is a common problem when locks are installed by anyone other than a professional locksmith. Security breaches or lock failures are a common result of improperly installed deadlatches. See also strike.

Door prep

This refers to the hole pattern pre-cut into many new doors. ANSI has assigned numbers to many standard configurations. If you need hardware for a pre-drilled door, just tell the locksmith the ANSI number and we will know the door thickness, bore size, backset, and other relevant measurements to match you with the right hardware.

Duplicate key

This refers to a key made by merely tracing another key. This is a common service offered by locksmiths. Also, some home-improvement, hardware, and other shops sometimes provide this service. However, you are certain to have far better results having your keys duplicated by a professional locksmith. An improperly made key can cause all sorts of nightmarish problems!