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Commercial & Industrial Security

Busse’s Lock Service provides a complete array of architectural lock services for business and institutions of all types. Our clients include restaurants, retail stores, apartment complexes, factories, churches, schools, hospitals, commercial property managers -- even detention facilities. Whether you need a key for your file cabinet, a master key system for your church, or a comprehensive access control system for your business, Busse’s Lock Service is ready to help! Our licensed, insured staff has combined experience of over 120 years. Whatever your physical security needs, you can be sure that we have a specialist on staff! Here are a few of the services we provide for business clients:

Master Key Systems

From a simple system at home that limits where the housekeeper can go to a system incorporating several multi-story buildings, Busse’s Lock Service is ready to tackle your master keying challenge!  Popular locations for master key systems include churches, schools, hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings and businesses large and small.

High-Security and Restricted Key Systems

Busse’s Lock Service is an authorized dealer in Medeco Keymark and Biaxial lock systems. Such systems provide assurance that key holders (employees, club members, housekeepers, contractors, etc.) cannot make extra duplicates to share without your consent. This can save you thousands of dollars in theft, vandalism and rekeying costs. Popular applications for restricted key systems are schools, hospitals, churches, neighborhood clubhouses and swimming pools, and businesses of all sizes.

Access Control (badge readers, keypads, swipe cards, electronic locks, etc.)

Access control is a very fast-growing segment of the security business. This category describes everything from a mechanical push-button lock to a computerized system controlling dozens of doors with badge readers. Some of the major advantages of computerized access control are:

  • ability to add and remove authorized users individually and instantly
  • time schedule control (lock/unlock automatically or control the hours users can enter)
  • audit trail (obtain a list of which users entered and when)

Popular applications for this technology include office buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, and businesses of all sizes. The only disadvantage is the cost. Installing computerized access control into an existing building can be rather expensive. (Expect to pay $1200 to $3000+ per door for full-feature computerized systems). Busse’s Lock Service looks forward to listening to your security concerns, and finding the most cost-effective way of addressing those concerns.  We take pride in helping you determine what you need and what you don’t.

Panic exit hardware (crash bars)

Busse’s Lock Service sells, repairs and installs all types of panic hardware. We are familiar with a wide array of products for every application. Whether you need an exit alarm to thwart shoplifters at your retail store or electrically controlled panic devices at a hospital, Busse’s can provide and install just what you need. And we keep abreast of the relevant life safety codes, so that occupants of your property are safe. When necessary, we will work in direct consultation with the inspector in your area to ensure that you comply with all applicable standards.