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Automotive Services

***Busse's Lock Service does not provide roadside service for vehicles.  If you have lost all your keys or need other automotive lock service at your location, we recommend calling Barker's Locksmith Service at 919-467-8212.  That's all he does, and he's great at it!***

Busse’s Lock Service provides a variety of automotive lock services at our shop to individuals, mechanics, body shops, and even new car dealers.  Here are a few examples:

  • copy most car, truck, and motorcycle keys (read more about this below!)
  • match a new lock to the existing vehicle key
  • repair or replace broken vehicle locks
  • restore or replace worn, damaged, or broken keys
  • rekey vehicles when the wrong people have your keys

New Electronic Car Keys (Transponders)

Starting in the mid-1990's most car manufacturers began installing transponders in their car keys. The transponder is part of an electronic anti-theft system that is totally separate from your car alarm and the remote-entry fob, and can even be found on cars that have neither of these features.

The transponder is a small electronic chip embedded in the handle of the key. When you turn the key in the ignition, the on-board computer sends out a radio signal. Unless the computer receives the proper response signal from the chip, the car won’t run! This prevents someone from driving your car even if they circumvent or destroy the mechanical lock. 

All keys for transponder-equipped vehicles must have the correct chip and be programmed for the vehicle in order to operate the ignition! In a few cases, only the authorized dealership can copy these keys. But in most cases, Busse’s can still copy the key.  Usually, we need the car at our shop to program the new key.  Costs range from $40 to over $100.  We can often provide the remote fob as well and even the remote/key combination (these are usually a special order). To find out the cost and availability for your car keys and/or remotes, just contact us with the exact year, make, and model of your car, or just stop by our shop.